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Posted by Antonina Jerde
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The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

This title would have been one of my beloved recommendations for my patrons at the library I worked at for 36 years. The government program instituted in the 1930s took books to the isolated hills of Kentucky and was a soul saving gift to the people. Books are a gift for all of us when the stories of those we know nothing about are told. We are enlightened, and learn that people who may appear different are no different than we are on the inside. I came away with a deeper understand of those who live a life of isolation and extreme poverty yet love the solace and connection to other worlds outside of their own by means of books. We appreciate each and everyone of us have value when reading a story unlike our own life between the pages of a book.

Janet Smith

Good Historical Fiction

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is a gem of historical fiction. I was unaware of the Kentucky Pack Horse program or the blue skinned people of Kentucky. Although the book starts out a little slow, I found the book fascinating and an endearing read. Once engaged, I couldn't put the book down. It is a book not to be missed.


Couldn’t put it down

I cant say enough positive. What a great story - the blue folks and the mobile library are two parts of history I would not have known except for this book. Great characters, well written and presented, and pleasant to read. And no underlying agenda. I put this author on my list to read more of her works.

Marty Ann Brooks

Troublesome Creek

Very slow in places, otherwise good. Love the history of the women who traveled over some of these treacherous hill and trails to help bring joy to so many, and on horseback.

Power Reviewer CarolT

Very satisfying

This would have been 5 stars except the first quarter of the book seems way too constrained by the author's need to let us know she did the research necessary. Once she worked her way through her research and actually developed the characters, the story took off. Highly recommended.

patty claire

The Book Woman o Troublesome Creek

A fascinating story of an isolated community and people that I knew very little about. The people are extremely poor, uneducated, suspicious and yet proud and independent. They can be prejudiced, dangerous and cruel but some show tremendous kindness. The countryside is hard and unyielding but also has a rare beauty. Cussy is a character that is one I am not likely to forget. I would recommend this book to others.